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One of the greatest things about online marketing is the fabulous mix of people you meet and the alliances we make along the way.

Such is the case with where we have all come together to create the team that is presenting this site work to you now.

Chris Klasinski - co -Editor and Security Publisher of How2-4NewbieseZine

Fran Klasinski - Owner of and co-publisher of How2-4Newbies eZine 

Sharon Ticknor  -  Owner of and co-owner of several of our join business sites you will find listed elsewhere on this site. 

We are a true mix of every facet of online marketing. Each of our skills goes back many years and combined, we have loads of great information to share with you that will positively direct you on how to build an online business,security issues, understanding computers, financial concepts, women's issues, and loads more.

We do all our own work, from web design, copywriting, logo and banner creation to the many series and reports you will find continually being added to this site.

We encourage you to bookmark this page, add our domain to your acceptable e-mail, and take full advantage of all we have to offer you.

We sure do not suggest we know it all, so if you come up with an idea or concept or something you think will make this site far more user friendly than we hope it already is, we want to hear from you.

That is the greatest lesson we have learned to date, sharing and caring will make the road to success a pleasure to travel. We cordially invite you to come join us and travel the road right along with us.

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